What is mindfulness in nature?


Practicing mindfulness in nature blends two wonderful and well-studied areas: mindfulness and nature connection. Both have many overlapping physical and mental health benefits, such as stress reduction, nervous system regulation, better ability to handle difficulties, and an increase in feelings of well-being. Combining these two areas allows for greater richness and depth of practice: learning to be mindful helps you deepen your enjoyment and connection with nature, and being in nature helps mindfulness become more effortless and offers variety, and so helps support your mindfulness practice.

Since early 2017, I have taught a free mindfulness in nature meetup group in Austin. Most groups are two hours long, and we generally meet every other month on the second Saturday of the month. Everyone is welcome to join.

In response to regular requests and interest in a longer offering, I will begin offering half- and full-day mindfulness in nature retreats starting Spring 2020. After I gain some experience from these retreats, I hope to create a multi-day mindfulness in nature retreat further afield, perhaps in Big Bend National Park or another location in west Texas. Stay tuned!