Nature writing


This is the newest area of exploration for me. I have wanted to be a nature writer for many years, and I am excited to begin down this path with deep intention and curiosity. I have been a songwriter for nearly 10 years and have written research papers and other articles as a scientist and mental health therapist; however, only recently have I been able to dedicate significant time towards learning and developing my skills and technique as a nature writer.  

In my writing, I aspire to help people to understand and experience our interconnection with and interdependence on the natural world. I believe a creative, intuitive, contemplative engagement with nature is as essential as an intellectual understanding of science and natural history. I want to help people to be in relationship with nature, to genuinely feel a part of nature. I want to spark curiosity, awe, and concern for the plants, animals, and ecosystems around us, and I want to inspire people to preserve, conserve, and protect nature. This has been my central mission as a biologist and ecotherapist, and it will continue to be my primary focus as a writer. 

Here are some of my essays, flash essays, and mindfulness in nature walk descriptions: