Mindfulness in nature retreats

I am excited to begin offering mindfulness in nature groups which are longer than my mindfulness in nature meetup group walks. Extra time together will allow us to connect more deeply with each other and with nature, wander further into the wilderness, have more opportunities to enjoy more mindfulness in nature practices, and enjoy more time for solo meditation practices outdoors, such as wandering meditation and sit spots.

The retreats will be held in different areas in Texas, mostly within an easy drive from Austin. We will visit a few different ecosystems throughout the spring and fall in order to increase our knowledge and enjoyment of nature and mindfulness.

I will make every effort to keep the retreats as affordable as possible so that cost is not a significant barrier for anyone. If you find cost to be a barrier, however, please feel free to contact me.

At the retreats, you can expect to:

  • Learn a variety of different mindfulness practices in nature

  • Enjoy spending time with a community of like-hearted, like-minded people

  • Learn about some of the science behind mindfulness and nature connection

  • Discuss how to nurture your mindfulness and nature connection practices

  • Enjoy restorative and relaxing time in nature

  • Learn and practice moving meditations, such as mindful movements, walking meditation, and Qi gong (most retreats)