Mindfulness in nature hikes

You’re invited!

Since early 2017, I have been leading free mindfulness in nature walks every other month through my Mindfulness in Nature meetup group. These walks will always be free because I want everyone to have the opportunity to learn, practice, and creatively heal through mindfulness and nature connection.

If you are interested in joining my mindfulness in nature meetup group, please click the red “M” button found on most of my website pages. Or, you can click HERE

Here’s what people have said about my mindfulness in nature hikes and walks (first name initial is used on some because of confidentiality):

“I really enjoyed our mindfulness outing this morning. It gave me greater appreciation for the stillness that comes with winter, especially as I embraced the dormant plants and trees.” – Sally

“Great outing! I really enjoyed the QiGong. Never tried it before. Perfect setting to do it too. Also was the perfect mix of mindful walking, QiGong and ‘solo’ reflection time for me. All on a perfect brisk, sunny day.” – Michael

“I am forever grateful for this experience.” – T.

 “It was a very enjoyable, meditative event which included walking and resting in a silent, stay-in-the-present contemplation exercise.Thank you so much for all of your time, effort, and love you put into making these wonderful mindfulness adventures available to all of us!” – Ron

“Thanks for another great event! Each time I learn more about mindfulness and nature connection and my own brain! You gave me some new (to me) mental tools for dealing with hardship. And we had such an interesting combination of people!” – Mikael

“I enjoyed the (Mindfulness in Nature walk) very much, and it gave me some insight into why I’ve been feeling stressed.” – B.

“We enjoyed it immensely. Always feels so good to get out in nature. Thank you for leading the group!” – Esther

“It was wonderful and very thought-provoking!” – Ruthann

“I really love this group and feel so centered and balanced and calm at the end of it. Wonderful time spent with nature and like-minded people. I love the mix of solitary and group discussions. ” – Ellen

“I have been looking for something like this (mindfulness in nature outing) for a very long time. It was exactly what I was hoping for and exactly what I need.” – E.

“I loved my time spent in nature and discussing the mindfulness of it all with y'all. The (sometimes) light rain made it that much more special. I'll never ever forget my little spider buddy.” – Jeannie

“A delightful time in a beautiful place with great people.” – Gayle

“It was really good. I am very much into mindfulness but have never really done something exactly like this. I found it very interesting to do it the way we did. I look forward to the next one with eagerness.” – G.

“The peaceful interactions with our environment and each other was wonderful” – D.

“I definitely want to incorporate mindful hikes into my regular activities. It was such a great experience. Was so relaxed last night!” – Melisa