Mindfully Walking with Nature: Mindfulness in Nature meetup group

The days lengthen and temperatures climb, ushering in the loud-then-soft-then-loud-then-soft cicada songs in the trees above and the endless-constant drone of katydids in the grasses below. The melodies of the birds, like the brilliancy of the flowers, are fading as heat and humidity settle onto the land, bringing mosquitoes and sweat and a longing for the cooler, drier days of spring and autumn.

And. The newest generation of fawns has been born, so perfectly spotted, so perfectly aware of everything around them. The newest generation of fireflies has survived their pupal stage to become adults, if only for a few fleeting weeks before dying. They flash and pulse their luciferin lamps each night in early summer, transfixing our attention and transforming our perspective from discomfort to delight, annoyance to awe.

In this group, we will explore a variety of ways to practice mindful walking in nature, including the opportunity to engage in barefoot walking on some softer, sandier trails. We will enjoy a new variation on sensory awareness, practice maintaining present-focused attention, and play with perspective. Each practice will support us in exploring our inner and outer landscapes, bringing many opportunities for discovery and learning.

Join us in exploring the mid-summer lessons and gifts nature has to offer as we practice mindfulness and mindful engagement of the natural world.


amy sugeno