After a 16-year career as a wildlife biologist, followed by over 10 years working as a trauma therapist, ecotherapist, and mindfulness in nature teacher, I realized I wanted to weave all these pieces together. I believed there was a deeper, richer, and more effective way for people experience healing, nourishment, and connection.

I also decided it was time to follow a life-long dream of being a nature writer.

I have been a nature-lover for as long as I can remember. This led to a wonderful career studying birds, bats, small mammals, and rare species throughout Texas, the desert southwest, and even down into the cloud forests and lowlands of northern Mexico. Though I left this career many years ago, I continue to be an avid birdwatcher; I also love to camp, hike and backpack, fly fish, and trail run. I also enjoy volunteering my time to teaching people about nature through Casting for Recovery, Travis Audubon Society and the Dripping Springs Birding Club, and the Balcones Songbird Festival.

As I near the age of 50, I can tell you I have lived through plenty of difficulties and challenges. Some of these are ordinary, and others significant, such as chronic illness and special needs parenting. Though I devote significant time to mindfulness study, the heart of my teaching comes directly from my real, lived experiences.

The Official Stuff:

  • B.S. in Wildlife Biology, Texas A&M

  • M.S. in Biology, Tennessee Tech

  • Master of Social Work, University of Houston

  • Wilderness First Aid Certification, National Outdoor Leadership School